Avena - Titanium Brush 2504, 2"

Avena - Titanium Brush 2504, 2"

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Natural Ash Handles covered with velvet with PURE wild boar bristle. 2" wide bristle tip to bristle tip


The Titanium Brushes are crafted from the finest ash wood and coated with a textured, velvet and anti-static finish.

The handles incorporate a stylish triangular design which enhances comfort and maximizes ease-of-use when rotating the brushes through the hair. The Pure boar bristles are uniquely arranged in an overlapping spiral pattern, with each row alternating between short and long bristle. This creates the ideal tool for gripping (longer bristle) and smoothing (shorter bristle) the hair in one stroke. The Pure boar bristle smoothies the cuticle, distributing the hair's natural oil and smoothing it across the surface of the hair for maximum shine. The Avena Titanium brushes are available in 4 sizes. Each brush has a removable sectioning pin embedded in the handle. At Birth of Beauty the brush size reflects the diameter of the brush from bristle tip to bristle tip.