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Turbo Power / Pibbs - Universal Hair Dryer Holder DH9

Turbo Power / Pibbs - Universal Hair Dryer Holder DH9

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DH9 is a versatile and stylish dryer holder that fits most size dryers


The DH9 from Turbo Power / Pibbs is a stylish dryer holder designed to fit almost all regular size dryers.

  • It is created with a perspex, spiral-loop design that sits upright support by a circular chrome base.
  • The spiral loop has a colored thread that runs through it center to create an eye-catching finish.
  • It comes in 4 different colors pink, yellow, clear, and black
  • The DH9 is easy to assemble and easy to use.
  • The circular base has a 6" diameter and has a rubber underside to prevent it scratching surfaces.
  • The spiral loop measures 9" long (including stem) with an internal depth of 6" and internal diameter of 3.25"