Twin Turbo 3800 Dryers


Twin Turbo 3800 Dryers

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The Twin Turbo 3800 is a lightweight, eco-friendly and powerful professional dryer. The Twin Turbo 3800 dryer delivers 2100W of power and heat, and dramatically reduces drying times to create healthier, beautiful hair. Each Twin Turbo 3800 dryer has a built-in ionic & ceramic system that helps the hair retain moisture, conditioning and eliminating frizz to leave hair soft and shiny. Twin Turbo 3800 Dryer Sale. Today, save 25% off a Twin Turbo 3800 Dryer, plus Free shipping. Every Turbo Power 3800 dryer comes with a 1 year warranty. Birth of Beauty is an authorized seller of Turbo Power Dryers, Flat Irons and accessories.

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