Birth of Beauty, as featured recently in INSTYLE, is the authorized distributor for Italian-made PARLUX HAIR DRYERS and Turbo Power Twin Turbo hairdryers. All models come with a 1 year warranty from Turbo Power & Parlux. Explore the new Parlux 385 LIGHT dryers, the lightest & most powerful Parlux dryer. It is energy efficient, has no harmful emissions and is now available in 6 different colors.
Carbon Combs
BW Boyd Carbon Combs are smooth, anti-static, heat and impact resistant. These are some of the features that make carbon combs popular with professional stylists. Available in 13 different styles.

Nubone Combs

Explore the full range of Nubone Bone combs, hand crafted from 100% organic resins and polished to exceptional finish so they will not tear or snag the hair..

Denman Brushes

The biggest selection of Denman brushes online, from the popular Denman D3 styling brush to the innovative line of Squargonomic Ceramic brushes.
Wet Brushes
What's New? The Ultimate Wet Styling brushes for detangling. The Wet brush is an innovative tool for safely detangling wet or difficult hair. Now available with Leopard and Giraffe Print finishes

Hair Dryers

AS SEEN IN Real Simple, WIRED & INStyle. Explore the innovative assortment of Turbo Power & Parlux dryers like the powerful Twin Turbo Ceramic & Ionic dryer, or the Parlux Eco Friendly Collection - a best buy pick.
Medicool electric manicure and pedicure files
German-made Medicool nail files for nail technicians. Medicool electric nail files are powerful, compact & dual voltage. Includes Medicool Pedinova and the popular ProPower assortment of nail files

Hair Cutting Shears

An expanded selection of BW Boyd Utsumi Japanese Shears and the full range of Arius / Oster Barber Shears and Blending Scissors.

Flat Irons

Protect and secure your favorite Parlux hair dryers & Turbo Power styling tools. Or organize your work station with a range of stylish, functional dryer, flat iron and curling iron holders..

Mehaz Nippers and Clippers

Mehaz, the industry leader in premium salon implements. Explore the full Mehaz selection of premium professional skincare implements cuticle pushers, tweezers & nippers.span>